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Stadium Graphics

ATP Finals | Next Gen

Client: ATP/Clean Cut Media
Agency: Cookie Studio
Creative Director: Thiago Maia
Producer: Josephine Brown
Motion Designer: Nelson Kidza-Sousa

Are you ready to witness the future of tennis?

Every year, the Next Gen tournament takes centre stage and puts the spotlight on the top eight up-and-coming talents in the tennis world, essentially the ATP Finals for junior players. It's held annually in concurrence with the showpiece ATP Finals.

And for the last few years, Cookie Studio, in partnership with Clean Cut Media, has been behind the scenes capturing all the in-game footage for both the ATP Finals and the Next Gen tournament.

I was fortunate enough to be invited by Cookie Studio to work on this exciting project and help bring the Next Gen tournament to life. I had the opportunity to create the player entrances and the point stings that worked on 8-foot-high digital screens behind the players, sideline digital screens, and the arena's gondola screen.

The graphics had to reflect the energetic and different nature of the tournament while dealing with the challenge of making sure everything worked together across all the screens. But the reward of the project was massive, and the team at Cookie Studio were an absolute pleasure to work with.

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