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Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos

Design: Nelson Kidza-Sousa
Motion Designer: Nelson Kidza-Sousa

Are you ready to be transported into the world of animation storytelling?

Unfortunately, due to limitations, I am unable to reveal the client behind this particular video. But don't let that stop you from experiencing the pure animation form.

As an animator, I find great joy in working on explainer videos. The length of the video or the size of the budget might cause some limitations on the technical side, but that never stops me from telling a great story.

Animating explainer videos is a true test of my storytelling skills, both on paper and through animation principles. It's a challenging yet rewarding experience. And I'm excited to share this anonymous video with you and hope you'll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Client: City Index
Agency: 83 London
Creative Director: Amir Mostofi
Motion Designer: Nelson Kidza-Sousa

Are you curious about the financial industry but find it hard to wrap your head around?


Derivatives and spread betting can seem especially complex, but fear not! I was given the exciting challenge of creating a clear and engaging video for City Index that demystifies the topic

City Index

Spread Betting Explained

Client: GT Nexus
Agency: Uber Digital
Creative Director: Allen Lee
Account Director: Paul Robinson
Motion Graphics Director: Obrad Milivojevic
Animator: Nelson Kidza-Sousa
Illustrator: Matia Gobbo

Welcome to the world of seamless global logistics and trade management.

Meet GT Nexus, a cloud supply chain platform provider based in Oakland, California. As a leader in its field, GT Nexus is transforming the way organizations handle global logistics and trade processes.

When I was given the task of creating an explainer video to showcase the platform GT Nexus offers, I knew I had to bring the company's message to life engagingly and compellingly. I couldn't wait to dive in and discover how GT Nexus is revolutionizing the industry.

From the moment you see the video, you'll understand how GT Nexus can help streamline your organization's logistics and trade processes, making them more efficient and effective.

So, come join us on this journey and find out how GT Nexus is making global supply chain management easier than ever before.

GT Nexus

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