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Product Visualisation

Nokia Dynamo 2.1

Client: Nokia
Agency: Archetype
Senior Designer & Client Services: Shodor Uddin
Storyboard Artist: Sarah Jones
3D Design & Animation: Nelson Kidza-Sousa

I was enlisted by Archetype to create a visually striking video for the Nokia Dynamo 2.1. Nokia, a reputable brand in mobile technology, approached Archetype to design an engaging in-store retail experience that effectively showcases the key features of the Nokia Dynamo 2.1.

Given the objective, it was crucial that the video be designed in a playful and colorful style that would appeal to the target demographic. With this in mind, we developed this video that is displayed on the phone in a loop in-store.

Energizing Text Captions

Dynamic overlays were used to elevate the film with captivating and informative text that seamlessly blended into the action, keeping the energy high from start to finish.

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