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History the Interesting Bits

Channel: National Geographic

Production Company: Impossible Factual

Post Production Studio: Storm Post

Animation Studio: Hocus Pocus

Design Credits

Animation Director: Robert Wilkes

Lead Producer: Miles Paulley

Producer: Emily Oeller

Art Direction: Theresa Hilsden

Animation: Melinda Åström

Animation: Henrique Bispo

Animation: Justin Lowings

Animation: Rob Monk

Illustration: Nelson Kidza-Sousa

Illustration: Francesca de Bassa

Illustration: Abhishek Kasegaonkar

Illustration: Roxanne Silverwood

Illustration: Ben Whitmore

Illustration: Rebecca Boulter

History is a captivating journey that reveals how we arrived at where we are today. But let's be real, some parts of history can be dull. That's why we're taking a fresh and exciting approach to uncovering the most intriguing facts in history, without all the boring bits.

I had the privilege of working with Hocus Pocus on an eight-episode TV series for National Geographic. My role was to add a touch of excitement to archive images from Mary Evans and give them a playful twist with my illustrations.


It was a blast working on this project, as I found myself just as fascinated by the history behind the scenes as I hope the audience will be when they see the final illustrations.

You can see the show here

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