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Brand Video

Honda Formula 1

Client: ATP/Clean Cut Media

Agency: Cookie Studio

Creative Director: Thiago Maia

Producer: Josephine Brown

3D Artist: Nelson Kidza-Sousa

Compositor: Mandu Jr.

Collaborating with the talented team at Cookie Studio, I had the privilege of bringing to life the dynamic world of Formula 1 racing through stunning 3D visuals. The Honda Formula 1 team entrusted us with the task of highlighting their rich history and celebrating their enduring passion for the sport.

As we delved into the animation side of this project, I found myself exhilarated by the level of creative freedom Honda granted us, allowing us to truly bring their story to life. The final product was a thrilling and engaging visual journey through the world of Formula 1. I'm honored to have been a part of the team that brought it to life.

A part of my role in the project involved working on several key shots in the film. These are those shots.

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