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Discover the very best of my work as a professional motion designer over the last 12 years.

Shot breakdowns here, for an inside look.

My creative playground.

Discover animated wonders and experimental delights that venture beyond my professional endeavours. See more here.

Nelson Kidza-Sousa.

Visual storytelling, through motion design.

Black & Decker Intelligent Tools

Everyone loves a good power tool, don't they?

How about an intelligent drill that makes the job easier?

See the project here

ATP Finals | Next Gen

Forget the traditional, this tennis tournament is all about the next generation of players, youthful, dynamic and pacy. The graphics were designed to match the spirit, check it out now!

Welcome to my world of motion design!
I'm Nelson Kidza-Sousa, a passionate and skilled freelance Motion Designer based in the vibrant and creative city of London.

I am experienced in developing stories through design and animation. My skills encompass both 2D and 3D animation techniques, and I have the ability to bring your project to life through a collaborative creative vision.

I am located in Lydian Workspace, Finsbury Park, where I work with a diverse group of professionals from various fields. This community of like-minded creatives, including musicians, screenwriters, documentarians, and other motion designers, provides an inspiring environment for my work.

If you are interested in collaborating on your next project, please reach out to me. We can schedule a meeting to discuss further and explore the possibilities of creating something truly unique.

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Nokia Dynamo 2.1

Get ready for a splash of colour and fun with this vibrant project showcasing Nokia's latest budget phone. Packed with features, and easy on the pocket. See it here now!

Winston Roll Your Own

This a tongue-in-cheek take on how to save a little money while doing a little harm. Not a smoker myself but it was fun learning how to roll my own.

See project

Explainer Videos

Our attention is getting shorter & our videos are becoming vertical. But I got in this game to tell stories, and I do enjoy telling them.

Now and again, I get the opportunity to do just that.

See select explainer videos here.

New projects always in the works.

Check back soon.

Thanks for submitting!

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ITV Euros 2020

I was one of the lucky few who got to be a part of the creative team behind the Euro 2020 title sequence. Even though the boys didn't bring it home, working on this project was truly unforgettable.

See the project here

History the Interesting Bits

Making history less boring, one illustration at a time. Because let's face it, if we can't make a dead king riding a unicycle interesting, we're not trying hard enough.

See the project here

The Co-Op Bank

A mesmerizing 3D animated film projected onto the historic Walthamstow Town Hall and captured live in action.

See the project here

Honda Formula 1

Experience the passion, dedication, and innovation of Honda's involvement in Formula 1 through an exhilarating history in this incredible film, check out the project

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3D & 2D Motion Design

Art Direction

Motion Graphics

Explainer Videos

Title Sequences

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